Basics Edit

Journal: Sharon Agathon

Mun: Sari

PB: Grace Park

Bio Edit

Sharon is a cylon of the eight model. Eights are notoriously fickle and tend to change their minds "Whenever they see something shiny." Athena is the exception to the rule, proving her loyalty and fealty to the Galactica again and again and to her husband.

Sharon is oddly content at this point in her life. She has her husband and her little Hera, and things are going relatively well. She's devoting herself to being a good wife and good mother and a good human being, which is harder than it looks considering she's a cylon.

Now, if only she could get those stupid opera house dreams to stop. It makes her cringe every time she so much thinks of a six model, and she can't help but feel on the edge of a storm, and she's just waiting for those first winds to blow.