Journal: fadedmemory
Mun: Mandy
Played by: Misha Collins


Saul Miles grew up in one of those country kingdoms that you read so much about. He was a country boy, and spent a lot of his time working in the fields, helping his family. He was a relatively quiet sort, keeping mostly to himself, and was fairly humble.

When he reached the age of maturity, he gained a power - which shocked everyone. Powers were a special gift from the Gods, and why had Saul been awarded with such a precious treasure? He was immediately analyzed, put through all sorts of tests and experiments - in the olden time sort of technology - in an attempt to determine the full extent of this gift and why it had been given to him.

Understandably, Saul did not like this treatment, and eventually he released a powerful electrical storm on his enemies - for that was his gift, the ability to control the electrons in the air. To this day he isn't sure how many people he killed fleeing that fascility, but he imagines that he killed at least one, if not more. He became an outlaw of sorts, going out and being on the run.

Around this time, he encountered Lizzy Miles, who attempted to pilfer his lunch from him. When he resisted, she coerced him, using her own hidden skills to enchant him in a strong desire to do whatever she asked of him. Now, when Lizzy requests something of him, Saul feels compelled to obey.

Or did. The spell has been weakening in recent years. Which leaves Saul with a burning question - how much of his devotion is because of the spell Lizzy cast on him, and how much is genuine?