All about the blue--

Current Legal Identity: Raven Darkholme Alias: Mystique, Joe Wagner PB: Rebecca Romijn

Who She Is:

Poor beautiful shapeshifting Mystique. She has been around for so long and assumed so many different personalities that she has lost the knowledge of her own name and origin. She has made a name for herself as a terrorist, a mutant rights defender, and a mercenary. Using her slinky, foreboding appearance and contacts among the various affiliations she has maintained. The former co-leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with Magneto, Mystique is an all around bad girl that has manipulated thousands in her every turn and whim.

During her most recent adventures, she allowed herself to trust Magneto. When she was shot with a cure dart, Magneto left her behind, and she felt betrayed, and foolish. Uncertain where her loyalties lay, but unwilling to let such an obvious betrayal lay, she told the authorities of Magneto's location, but idd not go so far as to let them know if the safety protocols.

She moved out on her own, escaping without her powers, by using skills adapted over a hundred years of fighting. And when her powers returned, she used them to escape pursuit, and find a cache, once more arming herself, and once more setting out to find her place.

Who is she now? Hero, Villain, or something else? Only time will tell...

Mystique is owned by Marvel comics, and not me. This journal is for roleplay purposes alone, played by Illmantrim.