Pete Wisdom (Peter Paul Winston Wisdom) is a fictional secret agent published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Excalibur vol.1 #86,(February 1995), and was created by Warren Ellis and Ken Lashley. Wisdom is a former British Secret Service agent with the mutant ability to throw "blades" of energy ("hot knives") from his fingertips.

PB is Gael Garcia Bernaal.

Powers: Peter Wisdom has the power to absorb ambient heat and solar radiation, and release the absorbed energy from his fingertips as "hot knives" of pure thermal energy, said to be as "hot as the surface of the sun". He can leap from high distances and use the thermal energy to slow his descent. He can fire his hot knives as projectiles, or leave them attached to his fingertips like claws for close physical combat. He also has years of experience in espionage from working for Black Air and British Intelligence.

He is a hero, a soldier, a spy, a servant of the country, and a Briton to the core.And he is a right bastard.

He is Pete Wisdom, and he is coming to you.

He is munned by Illmantrim .