Journal: redeempassions
Mun: Ko
Played by: Kellan Lutz


Oryon is the youngest of four siblings, all of which are like him. His oldest brother Dagen, controls Wind. Arianna, his oldest sister controls Earth, Brianna, his twin sister controls Fire, and he controls Water. He for the most part has led a typical life of a young adult. He had his fair shares of being outcasted by the main groups in his high school days, but he also had days were he was one of the more popular guys on campus. He never really cared much for it. He'd lend a helping hand if need be, but only if he actually knew you, and cared. His family and friends were his life. He was very family oriented, then one day it all disappeared from him. Someone had outed him and his family. They weren't like normal humans, they were mutants. No matter what his family tried to do to explain that they were harmless, the were still closed out of the community. It made life hell for Oryon, he lost most of his friends, and it even got him beaten up a few times. But no matter how much he wanted to seek revenge he promised himself to never use his powers on someone who didn't truly deserve it. That was until a certain event happened. He had come home one day to find his parents brutally slaughtered, and moments later discovered two of his siblings, Dagen, and Brianna had suffered the same fate. He's now on the search for his older sister, Arianna.