Basics Edit

Journal: love_remember

Mun: Shellebelle

Played by: Sophia Myles

Bio Edit

Ophelia came into Under the Rainbow directly after a small hurricane knocked her from a tree branch into the river. She awoke in a mental hospital in New York City, after having been pulled from the East River. Strangely, no one believed her when she said her name was Ophelia and she was looking for Hamlet and Laertes. She eventually stated that she couldnt' remember anything and after people came forward who "knew" her, she began to remember things about the person she replaced. Eventually she began to work at Elsinor Florists, a high end florists in New York City. She found a few people who befriended and cared for her, and had a few small adventures. Ophelia greatly enjoyed modern life, gaining a freedom she had never had at Elsinore Castle. She was looking forward to seeing her boyfriend Darius Summers when she suddenly found herself somewhere else...