Journal: Naamah

Mun: Sari

PB: Nicole Trunfio

Bio: Edit

Naamah is a 5700 year old succubus who's more than a little bored with how things are now. She's a self-centered libertine with no interests beyond her immediate needs and or concerns. She's more than a little bit of a packrat and she loves collecting things remniscent of the times.

Ok, back on track. Naamah, as a succubus, is a sex demon, though I use the term loosely as she hates it. She seduces men and feeds off their life force during sex. She also feeds off of blood and souls, but she won't likely be taking anyone's souls here. She says it's too high profile, killing these days. To say she's up for anything is an absolute understatement, and she's always, always looking for a new entertainment. What she loves more than anything else though is the hunt, and once she has someone in her sights, she pursues them relentlessly.
As far as traits go, she is incredibly strong and fast, and damn near impossible to kill. Nothing you've ever heard of can banish Naamah. She's not swayed by any Christian crosses or symbols, she will respond to the seal meant to banish Lilith, but that's only to protect babies, so most people are out of luck. Wards might present a bit of trouble for her, but if she wanted to get through, she probably could, depended on the strength of the wards. She says they sting though and aren't worth the trouble. She is similar to a vampire, but she isn't bound by darkness and can move in daylight. She's also technically alive, as she was never killed as part of her transformation into a lilim. However, she cannot command someone to do something as a vampire can, then again, when you have powers of seduction, who really needs it?