Journal: deathbyteacup
Mun: Caz
Played by: Alexa Davalos


Once a crossdressing stowaway on a transport ship that crashed on a planet that never saw the dark - or so they thought - Kyra (formerly Jack) is now an incarcerated criminal. After Riddick ditched her in the city New Mecca on Helion Prim, Kyra joined a group of bounty hunters, swearing to find him and bring him back. Sadly, she never achieved that goal, though she did manage to kill enough people to make herself just as notorious as he, though she didn't escape capture as he always had.

She ended up in a prison where they told her she'd never see the light of day on Crematoria, a planet so hot in the day time that the very earth lit up from the heat of it. Despite Riddick's story of getting his eyes shined for twenty menthol Kools, she never found a doctor to do the work and remained bitter at the hardened criminal, never letting up her grudge.