Basics Edit

Journal: Kara Thrace

Mun: Sari

PB: Katee Sackhoff

Bio: Edit

This Kara has just died and come back to life after having gone and seen earth, and now she's determined to lead her people there. If only she could find them. This Kara is also married to Sam, though she keeps him at arms length, unable o handle his devotion or his love, because she just doesn't understand the concept. She doesn't understand how people could love her screw up self and no matter what, she just can't get over Lee, no matter who he's married to.

However right now, she feels that she has a purpose, the destiny her mother always told her about. She would follow it if only she could get back to the ship. Now though, she's more likely to drown her sorrows in drink, cards and fighting.