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Name: Illmantrim
Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
Timezone: PST (GMT -8)

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  • AIM: Illmantrim Sacto
  • Email:


A crazy player, a wild mun, a strange layer, a weird one. A poet, who knows it, and disparages huimself at the common excuse, and a madman, or a sad man, who loves, and lives, and does as he can do.

Player of who knows how many in this new game, and reachable, always, at Illmantrim Sacto on Aim, or for email and google talk purposes.

And now his wiki has been hacked by the Caz. Muahahahahhahahahaha!' *leaves hugs, skitters* *hugs back and pokes*

Characters Edit

Books Edit

Sparhawk (David Eddings' Eleniumverse)

Comics Edit

Kon-El (DC Comics)
Alex Summers (Marvel Comics)
Cable (Marvel Comics)
Match (DC Comics)
Pete Wisdom (Marvel Comics)
Scott Summers (Marvel Comics)
Vision 1 (Marvel Comics)

Movies Edit

George Wells(The Time Machine)
Raven "Mystique" Darkholme(X-Men Movieverse)
Sam Witwicky(Transformers)

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Roger Blue