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Journal: Hoshi Aoyama

Mun: Sari

PB: Horikita Maki

Bio: Edit

Hoshi is a muggleborn who grew up practically everywhere. Her parents were diplomats and always on the move, so she spent tim in India, in Israel, in China, in America and is now in England. She did go to boarding school in Japan when she turned eleven, but her parents made it clear they thought her magic was mostly a waste of time. They wanted her to be a diplomat just as they were and discouraged her magical education. Mostly as a result, her magic skills are rather limited. She makes up for it though in other skills, trained in kendo as part of her upbringing and whatever else she managed to pick up in her travels, she's a bit of a force to be reckoned with.
She speaks a few languages, mostly from traveling, though most of them are East Asian, and of course English. She's here in England as part of the embassy, a job her parents got her. Hoshi doesn't really like the job, wanting to pursue her own destiny, as what, she doesn't know. Admittedly, she's hanging onto her job by a thread and spending a lot of her time hanging around the edges of wizarding society, trying to fit in when she really doesn't belong in either worlds