Hephaestus (pronounced /hɨˈfiːstəs/ or /hɨˈfɛstəs/) is a Greek god whose Roman equivalent is Vulcan. He is the god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. Like other mythic smiths but unlike most other gods, Hephaestus is lame, which gives him a grotesque appearance in Greek eyes. He serves as the blacksmith of the gods, and he is worshiped in the manufacturing and industrial centers of Greece, particularly in Athens. The center of his cult is in Lemnos.

Hephaestus's symbols are a smith's hammer, an anvil and a pair of tongs, although sometimes he is portrayed holding an axe.


Hephaestus is a kind soul, often wounded, who hides now in a gruff and brusque manner, not wanting to be hurt again. He is driven to constantly invent, and make things, often whittling or shaping clay when nothing else is around to use.

He loves to watch people and women especially, but is wary of them, for he has been hurt many times, and rejected many times, and it has left a sore upon his heart that is as misshaped as the lump on his back. He loves children, especially, and will take extra time to speak to one, or make the child a toy, and defending one will be done at all costs.

He hates users, and those who judge on appearance, and even the intimation of such will be enough to send his walls crashing up, and his manner to go cold. He has a wicked sense of vengeance as well, and caters to humiliation if he is wronged, though he oft regrets his actions soon after.

He has been around long enough to know people do not change easily, but that they can, if they do desire to. Tis the way of things, and he is but an Olympian, and as chained to the will of the Fates as any being.
Hephaestus can make anything he can conceive of, needing only time. Even if he has not the items and conditions needed to make what he wants to make, he will find a way, and his powers will enable what he has to do the job, whether impossible or not. He is immune to heat and lightning, and can capture electricity of any kind in his hands, and toss it as a weapon, though it mostly dissipates when thrown so, which is why he invented thunderbolts. He is strong, and tough, and his mind is sealed against others. His back is malformed enough that movements cause him pain, and the heat of the forge does help, so he often will stay in such a place as long as possible, despite the work hurting, for the warmth soothes him as little else will.

He is munned by Illmantrim.