Character: Ganieda (Bourdreaux)

Mun: Shellebelle

Played By: Cristiana Captondi

Bio: Ganieda was born in AD 325; the twin sister of Merlin, the sorcerer. Though encouraged to use her magical powers, she resisted, fearing to be discovered using them. Her world was not kind to women who used magic. One day, while she was walking in the orchards of Avalon, she was swept away from the island by a small hurricane. The next thing she knew, she was in the Under the Rainbow universe, having replaced a Catholic schoolgirl. Panicking, her magic came out of her all at once, bringing her computer to life; enabling herself to find a version of her brother Merlin and also, eventually, a boyfriend in Sam Witwicky. After escaping her overly superstitious mother and her boyfriend with the help of her brother, she was given a new identity as Ganieda ' Boudreaux, age 21. Shortly thereafter, her boyfriend moved in with her, she got a job at her brother's corporation, and she was contented and happy.