Basics Edit

Journal: lilymaid_sweet
Mun: Shellebelle
Played by: Kate Winslet

Bio Edit

Elaine comes by way of both Chaos Cube and Under the Rainbow. Whilst in Chaos Cube, Elaine found herself confused and bewildered by all the people there as well as the strange contraptions. She missed her home and family, even though her father and brothers sometimes paid little attention with her. She was a girl beset by problems and melancholy, but she slowly grew to enjoy her time in Chaos Cute--called 'Here'. Upon meeting a man,a knight much like her brothers were by the name of Sparhawk, she found herself readily trusting him and her feelings of friendship steadily turning into ones of love. They were married, and while she was carrying their first child, both she and Sparhawk were transported via hurricane to Under the Rainbow; where she replaced a spinner and weaver. They lived in London in a multilevel 'smart' house, and soon, their baby was born. It will be from this point that she enters Escape Mechanism.