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Basics Edit

Journal: sonofajackal

Mun: Mike

Played By: Nicholas Hoult

Bio Edit

Name: Damien Thorn

Age: 21

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Sexuality: Bisexual

Special Abilities Edit

Being the son of a devil (and jackal as well) has granted him several otherworldly talents. If someone discovered his true purpose or identity, there were supernatural forces put to work that protected him by killing the enemy in gruesome ways. Animals naturally are put off by him, unless he willingly exerts his will to control them, preferrably dogs. He sort of takes Murphy's Law to a dangerous level; anything that can go wrong, break, malfunction, or result in woeful calamity.. well, it can happen. It can be similar to telekinesis.

He also has a sort of control over those loyal to him. Once they pledge themselves to him, he has control and can probably see through their eyes, according to rumor (similar to a vampire/thrall relationship). However, were he to suddenly be in a new world, the connection may be severed and he'd likely have to start all over with new individuals among the populace, which in itself is a very time-consuming task.

As a side note, his jackal genes allow him an acute sense of hearing and smell, as well as an ability for his eyes to adjust to the dark as easily as that particular canine family is known to do. Perhaps this may also explain how he is able to control dog species, it could very well be that they recognize a sort of kindred spirit in him. This could also indicate why he may have a sort of feral or animalistic inclination on rare occasions.

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