Journal: i_call_9mm
Mun: Caz
Played by: Summer Glau


Cameron is a cyborg sent from the future to prevent an apocalypse in which cyborgs take over the earth to save a teenaged John Connor - who will become the leader of a human resistance in the future - from other Terminators who have been sent back to kill him. Based on appearance alone, you wouldn't know her from Eve, but her apparent lack of social skills beyond mimicry make it painfully obvious upon conversation with her.

Being a cyborg, Cameron brings a certain skill set with her. She's practically indestructible due to the metal her endoskeleton is made of, with damage usually being merely cosmetic. She is also able to imitate the voices of others and analyze biomarkers in humans through touch. Her programming, though, is occasionally restrictive, and her value for human life low, making her assessment of risk to those involved in her directive more precise, but often puts innocent bystanders in unnecessary danger if she predicts that they could impede her directive.

It is interesting to note that Cameron's programming is adaptive to a point, something meant to assist in her assimilation into society. This has caused some interesting effects in the past, and may continue to do so here.