Basics Edit

Journal: Blair Walfdorf

Mun: Sari

PB: Leighton Meester

Bio Edit

Blair is a dreamer and schemer, and she'll do anything to get her way, whether that's getting into the college of her choice, the boy she really wants, though that seems to change every few weeks or so, or revenge on anyone who dared to keep her from what she wants.

Blair doesn't really know when to quit. She can't take hearing the word no, and she will lash out at anyone, whether they were friends with her five minutes ago or not. This mainly comes from having a mother who ignores her, a father who left her for another man, and a thoughtless best frenemy who outshines everyone in the room without trying and somehow thinks she's better because of it, even if she's never worked for anything in her life.

Having no real concept of loyalty, except to Chuck, Nate and Serena, though she's growing out of that loyalty to Chuck, Blair only sees people as means to achieve her own ends, with the very rare exception of the person she's in love with. That person, she would do anything for. Too bad it generally gets her hurt in the process.