Journal: trustingnature
Mun: Mandy
Played by: Neil Patrick Harris


Barney Stinson is going to teach you how to live! Not really. But that is his goal in life: to be the ultimate wingman. He accompanies his closest friends (and some of his better acquaintances) to various bars and other less appealing locals all with the notion of picking up a different girl every night. He uses all sorts of guises to do this, varying from over the top insanity (like a superhero costume) to just his best suit and his suave self. And he is certainly that – suave. So long as the woman has never met him before, it's not unlikely that Barney will be taking her home that night, and then – unfortunately – misplacing her number the next morning.

But he hasn't always been this awesome, oh no. Barney was once a man of an entirely different breed. He and his long-term girlfriend (at the time) Shannon worked together at a local coffee shop when he was in his late teens/early twenties. They had all sorts of elaborate plans – they were going to join the Peace Corps to help the Nicaraguans! But those plans all fell through as Shannon was seduced by a fast talking suit-wearing business man. She left Barney heartbroken and confused. And making his decision at that moment, he vowed to be different. To be someone that Shannon could look up to and admire.

He suited up.

But not everything is all about the ladies - okay, most of it is all about the ladies - but Barney is prone to rare moments of unselfish care and loyalty to his friends. His family. He will sit through the most mediocre of conversations and then do everything he can think of to try and cheer up the mood. He is loyal to the Bro Code (for the most part) and he is a good - if somewhat aggravating - bro to have.